Favorite blogs

The number of academic bloggers is increasing rather rapidly… below are some of the ones I check regularly (and find insightful and interesting).


Cognitive Science and Psychology


More focused topics

  • Mark Guzdial: Computing Education Blog
    Mark is one of the most creative and innovative educators I’ve ever met and definitely counts as one of the “rock stars” of modern computer science. His research is proof that the science of learning and educational practice can come together and work. He covers topics all the way from policy to how to teach loops and variables to novices. Mark had a profound influence on me in graduate school (even though he was at a different institution and I only saw him once a year) by making a simple suggestion about a paper to read. It changed everything for me.
  • Dan Ariely: Behavioral Economics
    Dan Ariely’s research doesn’t deal directly with learning or technology, but having read all of his books I can say that I’m deeply envious of his ability to run some of the most interesting studies I’ve ever seen. Behavioral Economics is one of best examples of how interdisciplinary research can shed light on how the world works and how people make basic decisions. I also have a deep appreciation for his profound humility that his books (and TED talk) very much reveal.


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